Ning-chu Yang grew up in Taiwan and also learned the language, culture and history of Japan through her grandfather. She both has a Japanese name and a Taiwanese name because she has been greatly influenced by her grandfather. In Taiwan, she studied fine art during high school, but she changed her major to Foreign Languages and completed her bachelor's degree both at the Shengte Christian College and Hsuan Chuang University. Now she is working toward MFA degree in illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Ning-chu Yang's illustrations are the best way to interpret the ideas that she has about herself and the world she lives in. She works in the medium of watercolor with colored pencils or pastels because the color of those mediums can express a tender heart and reveal her pure personality. She likes to use bright colors and keep them clean and she also tries to express the beauty of transparent watercolor itself. Her work is pleasant, cute, naïve and whimsical. The purpose behind her work is to please people and have a heart to heart talk with them, especially children. She can spend all day reading picture books and getting to know children's world. She now focuses on creating illustrations and making books toward the educational, the children's book and the surface design market. As an illustrator, She wants to bring children a smile and make people feel warm and loved through her work.